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You can choose your language settings from within the program.Bible Gateway Plus is a paid service that gives members a banner ad-free Scripture reading experience on Bible Gateway, and unlimited 24/7 instant digital access to a valuable list of bestselling and critically-acclaimed Bible reference books and devotionals.We were running dozens of them, old ones, new ones.When it came to legacy services, some had not been touched for years and were running on SQL server versions dating as far back as 2000 and various versions of 2005 and more. Back in March we decided to upgrade roughly 150 databases we had in production.

It separates data by time windows, allowing us to see database usage patterns and understand when query plan changes happened on the server.

No—we have a large library of free Bible study materials available that do not require either a Bible Gateway account or a Bible Gateway Plus subscription.

These resources are available in the Study This panel whether or not you are a Bible Gateway Plus subscriber.

This content is available to you online from any Web-friendly computer or device. To start your free trial, sign up for Bible Gateway Plus by clicking the Start Your Free Trial Today button on this page.

Note that while you must sign up to experience the free trial, you can cancel at any time during the 30-day trial period without being charged.

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