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I am Rajiv writing this new episode of “wifewathing” for your enjoyment and quick response in this subject on our email address.

She agreed with me and promised to go accordingly to our plan of seducing him early.That day we were sleeping nude side by side with no clothe on body. I was telling her that there is no harm to taste any new change in sex life. I had asked her ” wheather she will like to be fucked with another gay while I will watch their action secretly from out side of that room without that man’s knowledge .The right thigh of my wife was on the waist of me circling my total waistline. I said that let us try once to feel the difference.In the mean time Jayanta was undressing himself and he only left with the chhadi.By getting a chance Jayanta tried to raise the nighty of my wife and she was reluctant as she was tying her hair knot.

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  2. Unlike women from Western countries such as the United States and Australia, Mexican women are less likely to be your casual sex partner, because Mexican people are generally more traditional and they value family – they want to get married and start a family.

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