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Her signature outfit might consist only of a meter of plastic tubing and spike-heeled boots, but nobody bats an eye.She stands around and discusses the team's plans to invade the enemy compound, or rescues ordinary citizens on the street, or pilots the Cool Ship, always dressed that way, and nobody else finds it even a little odd or remarkable. " It could be said that nearly all superheroines operate under this trope.

Gold members can send private messages to any model they like at any time.Models usually will not respond to members who make special requests without tipping.By clicking "add to Favorites", models are automatically saved and stored to your account to have easy access to them later could Hand Wave this as being the cultural norm in outer space or on whatever world she's inhabiting.In a real-world setting, especially in live-action films, this is often intended to suggest how sophisticated, jaded, or fashionable (or homosexual/heterosexual, depending on the relative genders) the people in question are.

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