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We have a saying in Germany and I can only state its validity when it comes down to German learning: Was nichts kostet ist nichts wert. Pay someone to listen to your still broken German and make them tell you when you make a mistake.

And you shall become aware of things you use wrongly repeatedly and look them up later on.

Not only needs the speaking time to be under control but also switching between languages has to be kept to a minimum.

It can and should never be totally avoided as it is natural to use one‘s own language as a helper in times of need.

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Many professional tutors might not be keen on just spending 15mins per day with you but don’t give up.

Anything below that is a strain for all who take part in it.

Don‘t mistake this as a blame on your language skills. I did that, too, before and if you like it, go for it. But I often find that learners either don‘t have the time nor the desire to meet someone just for this purpose.

And also half of the time would be speaking in your mother tongue and be lost for you (while the other half is lost to the other person).

So you should try to arrange shorter meetings with your paid or your German tandem partner.

That is not only way more efficient, costs a lot less in case you chose the paid option but also makes and keeps the meetings more interesting.

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