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Sophos Anti-Virus requires of you only that you cough up some personal details.And even though it costs you nothing, the software detects 98.4% of threats.On the technical side, mac OS is a Unix-based operating system.As a Unix-based operating system mac OS is sandboxed.General advice can be found in our Mac security tips; and those who have been hit by a malware attack should try How to remove Mac viruses.

Macs are generally more secure than their Windows brethren for two reasons.The second reason is that, right now, there are far fewer Macs than there are Windows PCs. Is it any wonder that cybercriminals focus on the Windows world?However, Macs are not entirely safe, and as they grow in popularity and cybercriminals become smarter and greedier, the risk is increasing.So you need to balance cost against performance impact when selecting a product.There are some antivirus solutions that we don't have AV-Tests results for and therefore haven't included in this article.

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