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Another commenter, claiming to be a Lovense representative, said these recordings are the result of a "minor software bug." According to the supposed representative, the bug only affects the Android version of the app (i OS users are unaffected), and the issue has been fixed in the latest version.The app requests access to a smartphone or tablet's microphone and video, which are used to send messages in peer-to-peer chat -- not to record sessions for later.Each participant received $A10 as compensation for time lost while engaged in paid work in the prison.Computer-assisted telephone interviews were conducted by a private social market research company, and took place in a private space; for instance, a legal visits room or consulting room in the health clinic. χ A total of 2018 prisoners responded for a response rate of 76.8% (range 60% to 100%).Results Two thousand and eighteen male prisoners participated.The proportion of prisoners reporting anal sex in prison was equally low in NSW (3.3%) and Queensland (3.6%; p=0.8).If you wish to reuse any or all of this article please use the link below which will take you to the Copyright Clearance Center’s Rights Link service.

In New South Wales’ (NSW) prisons, condoms are freely distributed, while in Queensland prisons none are distributed.These two states combined, house around 60% of Australia's prisoners.The methods for the survey have been published elsewhere in detail.5 7 Briefly, potential participants were randomly selected from a list of all inmates at a particular prison provided by the two Departments of Corrective Services.Hardly surprisingly, we have demonstrated that condoms are much more likely to be used for anal sex if they are available, but the likelihood of anal sex is not increased.Despite the widespread acceptance of condoms in the community, their introduction into prisons remains controversial and uncommon,2 even though the arguments used to oppose condoms in prison have no empirical evidence to support them, as others and we have found.1 10 Civilised societies owe their prisoners a duty-of-care, including the right to protect themselves during sexual activity.

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