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This has since changed and one of the reasons was the team wanted to make the install really easy.

Because composer is now being use, you can include dependencies and when you create your application or install your applications dependencies, Cake PHP 3’s can be installed at the same time.

It also gives us the ability to release them independently in the future, so for instance, the app can be upgraded and add or remove dependencies while having no need to modify the framework.

Many of us have had that experience and confusion of configuring classes; you don’t know if it’s a property or method, or even what the method name is.

If your mobile site lacks the same detailed information as your desktop site, you will get hurt by this indexing.

With a year under its belt and 34 releases, we are still in love with Cake PHP 3; and some of you are already on board and loving it.

With an average of nearly 3 releases a month, you can easily tell that the team is working against a rapid release cycle where they are tirelessly working at adding and improving features. Looking at all of the improvements and benefits that this updated framework brings, you can clearly see that the biggest turning point for the core team was the increased functionality with clear foresight and thinking brought to the table.

This also yields a bit of a performance gain and it doesn’t use number replacements, it uses named replacements.

The way the event subsystems were handled is another change that Cake PHP 3 brings to the table, allowing a much more consistent approach to handling events.

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