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Whether amatuer or professional, KSRWheels delivers the best built wheels in the industry! We are dedicated to satisfying the varying needs of our off-road motorcycle clients. Desktop Management in a Citrix environment – Some environments try to use Citrix to improve desktop management.Here are some desktop management aspects of Citrix that aren’t possible with distributed physical desktops: Persistent virtual desktops – Another method of building VDAs is by creating full clone virtual desktops that are persistent.Luke is a handy development and diagnostic tool, which accesses already existing Lucene indexes and allows you to display and modify their content in several ways: Recent versions of Luke are also extensible through plugins and scripting.I started this project because I needed a tool like this.

If before the disaster, the VDAs will already be running and ready for connections; however, the master images are maintained separately in each datacenter.

See above - this version information is outdated!!! You can download the binary JARs here: You can download the source code ZIP (2MB): luke-src-0.9.9You can download the source code TGZ (2MB): luke-src-0.9.9Luke is covered by Apache Software License, which means that it's free for any use, including commercial use.

Current version is 0.9.9, released on September 30, 2009. It comes with full source code included (see section above).

Each virtual desktop is managed separately using traditional desktop management tools.

If your storage is an All Flash Array with inline deduplication and compression, then full clone persistent virtual desktops probably take no more disk space than non-persistent linked clones.

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