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The amount of traffic and variety of AC made it interesting and alot of times a challenge. Robert Rank: E4and E5Status: Retired Email: [email protected] Leichty Unit: 56 th Tour_dates: 5/67 - 5/68Message: was sent from the 25 th in Cu Chi to 56th in TSNand moved with 56 th to LTN following end of TET68' left may 68'Email: [email protected]: Paula (Nga)Nick_Call: Ms.

Nga Secretary Unit: CACTour_dates: 1968-1971Message: Hi Mike, Wonderful website, I just got in touch with Ms. Thanks to the re-union email from a daughter friend of mine who also worked at LTN. You have beautiful pictures of your horses and the sites are magnificent. My former name is Nga (now Paula) I was a CAC secretary from 1968 ? My husband was an aviator in Big Daddy 54th Aviation Company.

It was sickening to see all those A/C thrown off the ships and the fall of Saigon. I am grateful to all those I met and served with who helped me learn the meaning of responsibility and honor.

Rank: SP-5Status: FAA Licensed A&P since 1973 / Realtor since 1976 Just turned 62 no retirement yet Email: [email protected]: jack mansfield Nick_Call: Unit: 54th avn 255th Trans Det 74th Recon airplane co Tour_dates: 1966/1969 DMOS: 67C20Message: Had a great time incountry, returned to work for DOD retire as a civilian after 30 yrs. Many thanks to Maj Cox for his support, and inspiration.

I spent my last month as tower guard, I flew 200hrs as crew chief on UH1H in answer to the unit that wore the black caps; well that was 2nd sig avn det I was also the units airframe/sheetmetal specialist because thaats what I did as a civilian Rank: SP5Status: Retired from lockheed aircraft Email: [email protected]: Jerome Robelen Nick_Call: Robe Unit: command airplane company Tour_dates: 7-68 7-69DMOS: u-21 pilot Message: My team and I built new showers ans a swimming pool (out of runway rubber) at Long Thanh North.

We guarded the gates and the entrance to the BOC during the day.

I had not spoken to him in over 40 years and he still sounded the same! I also found another MP I served with Doug Targett thanks to an internet search. Rank: CPTStatus: RETIREDEmail: [email protected]: Robert E Little Unit: 365 add Tour_dates: July 71-July 72DMOS: 93HMessage: army atc,tower.

Rank: SP 4Status: Retired Name: Charllie Basford email: [email protected]_Call: CBUnit: CACTour_dates: 11/70 -11/71DMOS: 71B20Message: THOSE WERE THE DAYS MY FRIENDS. Enjoyed LTN as a controler and was my only station in VN.

Thanks Rank: Sp4Status: Retired Police Officer San Jose Police Dept. I retired on stress disability after 23 yrs, & just diagnosed by VA with PTSD.

Guest Number 322 June 29, 2013 Email: [email protected]: David Houke Nick_Call: Hokey Wolf Unit: 54TH AVIATION BIG DADDYSTour_dates: Dec 1968-Jun 1970DMOS: C rew Chief Message: Looking for any connection around my time. Rank: SP5Status: Retired in Florida (Charles, this email address doesnt work) email me [email protected])Name: Charles Graham Unit: HHC 210 Avn Co Tour_dates: Nov 67 to Nov 68DMOS: 26D20Message: I joined the unit the week we moved to Long Than,my duty assignment was the portable GCA radar repair man.

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