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ESS also provides for maintaining text versions of your S functions in specified source directories.Statistical packages are powerful software systems for manipulating and analyzing data, but their user interfaces often leave something something to be desired: they offer weak editor functionality and they differ among themselves so markedly that you have to re-learn how to do those things for each package.Meyer and David Smith made further contributions, creating version 3.For version 4, David Smith provided significant enhancements to allow for powerful process interaction. Together with extensions written by Martin Maechler, this became version 4.7 and supported S, Splus, and R.These include: ’ function, for example) severely limiting.

There is an easy to use command history mechanism, including a quick prefix-search history.

For those that use S in the typical edit–test–revise cycle when programming S functions, ESS provides for editing of S functions in Emacs edit buffers.

Unlike the typical use of S where the editor is restarted every time an object is edited, ESS uses the current Emacs session for editing.

ESS is a package which is designed to make editing and interacting with statistical packages more uniform, user-friendly and give you the power of emacs as well.

ESS provides several features which make it easier to interact with the ESS process (a connection between your buffer and the statistical package which is waiting for you to input commands).

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ESS corrects these problems by introducing the following features: The ESS environment is built on the open-source projects of many contributors, dating back to 1989 where Doug Bates and Ed Kademan wrote S-mode to edit S and Splus files in GNU Emacs.

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