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Net Check Box List is one of the most common control we have used every time.

Net Check Box List List Items from Database with Selected Property: First remove all above code from Page_Load event. Read()) Dim o Item As List Item = New List Item() o Item.

Based on my understanding, the Update() method would generate the update sql statement for those rows whose status is not in Unchanged.

But Accept Changes() method would turn status of all rows to be “Unchanged”, so after you call Accept Changes(), the Update() method could not detect any Modified row. Try running the UPDATE via Query Analyzer..see if you get an error.***********************Dinakar Nethi Life is short. Data Set rows being deleted, but after the update , the sql database is not updated. Stepping thru the code with the debugger shows the dataset rows being deleted.

The database still has the original deleted dataset rows.

Adding rows works, then updating works fine, but deleting rows, does not seem to work. Fill(c Depend Child Ds._Client Dependent C..on updating database sql anywhere 5.0 to sql adaptive server 7.0If anyone knows how to update db to adaptive server 7.0 You have two choices : 1) Run dbunload against your v5.0 database to generate a and a series of files that contain the data in the tables.

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In my app I am opening a connection to an SQL database and I am creating a Data Table without a Data Set: All is good!

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