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We’re made to believe that being alone is bad, and then if we feel lonely something is wrong with us.Single women are often pitied, and as a woman, there are pressures put on us by family and others to meet someone and have children.Tinder is quite literally a dating game and Super Likes are the Mario warp to level 2-1. The feature will first be tested in Australia before rolling out to the rest of the world. Let us know in the comments and check out our list of Best Dating Apps for Android.Now let’s see you moonwalk your way past all the enemies directly to level 8 and above.

What they didn’t tell us throughout life is that relationships are fucking hard. If you don’t connect with someone with actual parrot potential, then it’s perfectly acceptable be single.

They’ve said things like, “I’m so sorry Sonya, to find.” These supportive words have turned into stories and I’ve found myself dragging them with me.

I’m fully conscious to the fact that this is a personal choice of mine to do, but I find it’s hard to detach from their words regardless.

I’ve fought for relationships to work when my gut was screaming that they were all wrong for me.

When I’ve thought about breaking it off with these dudes, I felt a deep pit of sadness in my stomach.

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