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C'est vrai que pour drager c'est dur : photo=et pour qui tu t'prend! mais toi marie machunmadeline que t'a tore pourquoi tu dis:ni joué pas les enfants!invitation=désolé je ne peu paset discuter=t'es qui toi? si ils veulent is joué ils jouent t'es pas la maitresse de l'ordinateur il et cool poin.final J'ai adoré ce jeu sé de loin le plus cool de toute les jeux sur se site!The producer was secretly dating Stevie Nicks at the time, and when she was missing a single for her solo LP Bella Donna, he sprang into action, smoothly pilfering Petty's "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" and having Nicks record vocals on it."Next thing I know he goes, ' Hey, I got something I gotta play you,' and he plays me ' Stop Draggin' My Heart Around,' the same track, with her singing," Petty remembers. [Nicks' track and ours] came out at the same time, so I think our single suffered." 2. and then I found my niche: I gotta find great producers, and I produce them." One of those producers turns out to be Dr. These weren't poorly produced demos, either: Dre, a notorious perfectionist, says he played executives a full-finished version of the album: "I mixed it, mastered it, did the artwork, everything.

"I'm so secluded, and I'm so private," the hip-hop icon says. Dre, the producer refuses to be involved with the song. "But when I showed it to Dre, he said, ' Dude, I'm not doing that record. Tom Petty notes that Iovine always had his mind on his money and his money on his mind: After playing demos of "Here Comes My Girl" and "Refugee," the singer remembers the producer declaring, "We're gonna be millionaires!

In one tender moment, Iovine tells Dre, "I didn't meet a subwoofer until I met you."The two men's stories run together in 1992, when Interscope Records sets up a deal with Death Row. Fad album helped fund a lot of the albums that came next," Dre says. I gotta go to jail on Friday; they're gonna kick my ass up in there.'" [Dre was having frequent run-ins with the police at the time]"So I ripped it out, balled it up, and threw it away," Ice Cube continues. " "I thought that was the strangest comment I'd ever heard about music," Petty says.

Their relationship continues after the rapper/producer bowed out of the toxic atmosphere Suge Knight cultivated at Death Row, and Interscope picks up Dre's new label, Aftermath. The single provides Ruthless with some cash to subsidize future projects and earns the group a Grammy nomination. "It was the first gold record on Ruthless Records.""The interesting thing about J. Fad is that Eazy-E wanted something commercial to make radio stations say, oh, Ruthless Records, we're going to be anticipating the next record that drops, and then the next thing you know, they slipped in that ' Boyz In Da Hood,'" adds Dee Barnes. Luckily a friend pulls it out of the trash and demands that Ice Cube hold on to it. But that didn't mean Iovine's transition from the guy behind the boards to the guy in the corner office was a smooth one.

When Smith's 1978 album Easter was in need of a single, Iovine took Springsteen on a drive to Coney Island and convinced him to fork over "Because the Night." It became the biggest hit of her career. "And Jimmy was a renowned producer, very creative, but he wasn't renowned as a businessman.""I didn't feel comfortable as an executive," Iovine explains.

Iovine executed a similar move shortly afterwards while working with Tom Petty. His comeback was like, ' This is gonna buy your a house.' But it pissed me off because … "I felt comfortable around artists and record producers … No record executive would agree to release The Chronic. Dre's solo debut album was rejected by label after label after label before he connected with Interscope.

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