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I mean affection, seduction, intimacy, relaxation, closeness, eroticism, friendship.

All these things are necessary for many women to be hot and bothered in long-term relationships.

Like, if you went to Chipotle a bunch and they didn’t give you guacamole even though YOU PAID FOR THE GUACAMOLE AND THAT’S THE WHOLE REASON YOU WENT THERE.

But, they are also bulky, and imperfect, and clumsy, freckle-specked, and scarred: That is what makes them so exceptional.

Every naked woman has done one or two things in the nude that they might be embarrassed for people to find out about, but I firmly believe that all these naked pursuits are actually really common.

Once you know these things about yourself and your partner, we can proceed. If you want to help your partner to desire you more ardently and robustly, then you need to let go of your needs entirely, and focus instead on what your partner most wants.

I’m not just talking about an extra finger or well-placed tongue.

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My entire life I have waged a silent (and at times not so silent) war with my naked body. Find a woman, any woman, and the chances are she will tell you that when it comes to confidence and body image, she isn't always kind to herself when it comes to how she evaluates her naked body.

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  1. costars Jennifer Morrison and Sebastian Stan have officially split, multiple sources tell Us Weekly."They broke up at least four months ago," a source tells Us.“So many people would flip but if the couple at some point announced they were engaged I’d be happy,” tweeted one fan.