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“[Botech] called me in my office at the ‘Today’ show,” she recalled.

Later I got a call from [original casting director] Joel Thurm, who says, 'Well, it's not good news, but it's not bad news either.' He says I'm the only choice for a white actor, but that they'd had a meeting and thought that maybe Bobby should be black and that now they're looking at black actors. So I went back to read, and it was me, Cleavon Little, and somebody else....“And I always wanted to find a father figure for my daughters, but it hasn’t worked out that way.I’ve had long-term relationships, but they haven’t turned into lifelong partners.” Because Couric knows all too well about bouncing back after lost love, she’s understanding about other people’s life experiences as well. ’” Couric was uncomfortable with his forwardness and said, “Rabbi Shmuley, you have like nine kids, what’s going on here?” She admitted she was in fact seeing someone as he revealed his curiosity was not for his own benefit.

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