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The Trifecta is when you compete the Sprint, Super and Beast in one calendar year.

This year in addition to getting the regular finishers medal when you cross the finish line, you will also receive a triangular shaped medal.

Spartan Race has workouts across the nation that you can attend for free (again, come to Michigan already), you can get daily emails from them that include workouts of the day and healthy recipes and they have a monthly challenge that you can participate in.

Like the other races they have finishers medals as well, however this year they have done something different to encourage people to complete the Trifecta.

However, I really do believe that most people can accomplish a Warrior Dash.

The distance is manageable for most people and the obstacles are not super challenging.

Interestingly enough, I ran my first Tough Mudder with a group of people who I didn’t even know.

Warrior Dash is also known for being a fun event with a party atmosphere so sign up, get muddy and have some fun!

Tough Mudder: Tough Mudder was one of those races that I signed up for with a lot of trepidation.

There are a lot of obstacles that require team work in order to accomplish them.

If you don’t have a team, don’t let that deter you from signing up though.

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I assure you that you will find people to run with in your wave and since Tough Mudder encourages team work and camaraderie you will find many many people who will help you along the course.

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