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Additionally, he received 0,000 a year as a board member.The Republicans have had a field day with Johnson, who, they said, was a symbol of Obama hypocrisy. He served as a senior aide on Mondale's Senate staff, was an executive assistant to Mondale when he was vice president and, finally, was chairman of Mondale's failed 1984 bid for the presidency.In recent days, the Wall Street Journal has raised questions about personal sweetheart loan deals Johnson, 64, had made with Countrywide Financial Corp. The loans may not have been illegal, but they were cozy, given the huge amounts of home mortgage business Countrywide does with Fannie Mae, a government-sponsored, publicly held company that helps provides funds for home mortgages.

Prior to joining Littler Mendelson, Steven spent nearly 10 years as benefits counsel for a major multinational electronics and entertainment company.

In a statement after Johnson's "resignation," Obama said: "Jim did not want to distract in any way from the very important task of gathering information about my vice presidential nominee, so he has made a decision to step aside and I accept.'' Johnson, who grew up in Benson, Minn., and got his undergraduate degree from the University of Minnesota (1966), got his start into big-time politics with Walter Mondale. He vetted vice presidential candidates for both Mondale and John Kerry four years ago. It's worth noting that despite Johnson's vetting of candidates, Mondale's ultimate choice for vice president, Geraldine Ferraro, ended up facing tough questions about the business practices of her spouse, John Zaccaro, during the 1984 race.

Zaccaro consistently refused to release details of his finances.

Steven has broad experience dealing with the legal, financial and administrative issues arising under executive compensation arrangements, including: He also analyzes issues related to section 409A of the Internal Revenue Code.

His expertise extends to employee benefits issues in connection with corporate transactions.

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I now see a reasonable chance of a “super spike” hitting GCAP shares today.

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