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Teams can sit near their tables with the leader and one student sitting at the table.

Place the stack of Bible character profiles on the table facedown.

You can find them in our resource library here, along with other printable goodies!

Download the Bible Speed Dating profile cards from our library here. Sign up here) Print the profile cards onto card (or back them on card after printing on paper) and cut them out.

The game continues until the whole stack has been correctly guessed. Instead of playing until the stack is finished, set a time limit (4 or 5 minutes?

) and the winning team is the one with the most correctly guessed characters when the time is up. ) and if it hasn’t been guessed in that time then teams don’t get the point for it.

how long will it be until you can realistically get married?

With [email protected] as part of Bethel’s vision, this is a crucial part of the Confirmation curriculum.Prep them on how to play (see below) before Youth starts. Provide a sheet of paper and a pen for each team as well.You’ll need a table set up with two chairs across from each other. Split your group into teams and assign a leader to each team.When I ask about the purpose of dating I generally hear one of two answers.Either the purpose of dating is to look for a mate -the person you’ll eventually marry-, or the purpose is get to know different members of the opposite sex for fun and learning about different types of people until you are ready to find someone to marry.

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You’ll need one set for each team that’s playing we had 3 teams).

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